At House of Prayer International our goal is to help people get connected and stay connected to Jesus Christ. We have a strong desire to help children get connected to Jesus and assist to help them find their spot in the Kingdom of God.

Each Sunday we get one chance to teach your child about God’s BIG ideas. But we know one hour a week just isn’t enough!

That’s why at KidzSpot we believe that what happens at HOME is more important than what happens at church. You will have more influence and more time with your kids throughout their lifetime than we ever could.

With this in mind, it is our goal to be your biggest fan and strongest supporter as you lead your kids. We want to partner with you in this great adventure called parenting.

On Sunday mornings at 10:30am, we have our main KidzSpot service in the KidzSpot sanctuary! From ages 3-10 we join together for Praise & Worship, offering, a skit or two with some WACKY characters, and a time of prayer. We then separate into KidzSpot Junior (ages 3-5) and KidzSpot Live (ages 6-10) for our Bible Lesson time. Also on Sunday Mornings we have our KidzSpot Nursery (from birth to age 2) to take care of your little ones.

Our Wednesday night Bible study time begins at 7:00pm in the KidzSpot Sanctuary. Bible Study is broken into KidzSpot Junior (ages 3-5) and KidzSpot Live (ages 6-10). We also provide infant/toddler care in the KidzSpot Nursery (from birth to age 2). 

Come check out what God is doing in the lives of children and bring YOUR kids to church for a fun time in the Lord!